Finally – A New Way To Recycle Excess and Wasted Filament

cruncherHot from the presses of comes news of the stunning Kickstarter launch of indy firm ExtrusionBot who have just launched something called The Cruncher, a new self-contained machine designed to cut the costs of home-printer fanatics finding ongoing filament expenses a drain.

The Cruncher allows users to reuse excess filament, cutting costs and reducing waste dramatically. That means cheaper designs, a chance to recycle failed prints and less wastage – which has to be a good thing.

Chinese Undertakers 3D Print Missing Body Parts

A report this week on the Digital Trends website details a funeral parlour in China which is promoting a unique 3D printing service, offering to ‘repair’ damaged corpses and replace missing parts, resulting from fatal injuries and accidents. China’s poor infrastructure means there’s no shortage of horrendous deaths caused by calamitous injuries, frequently resulting in severed limbs and crushed body parts.

For around $1500 the Shanghai based Longhua Funeral Parlor has decided to use3D printing to repair damaged bodies before they’re put on display in front of the deceased’s family members and friends.

Have You Seen What Architects Are Doing With 3D Printers These Days?

3d printed modelsChances are that if you’re having a house designed and you have the cash, your chosen architect will at some point present you with a 3D printed model of your new home.

The guys at Relentless have taking this newly emerging technology to dazzling new heights with incredibly detailed and precise 3D printed property replicas.

See for yourself in this awesome promo video they made.

It’s All About The Small Print!

Shapeways high definition acrylateMaterial maker Shapeways has ‘soft-launched’ what it describes as a super smooth and durable new printing acrylate capable of printing highly accurate objects with extremely fine details, such as jewellery, miniatures and small figurines.

The company claim faster printing times, extremely high definition and a quick drying time to produce completely hardened and detailed items. Black High Definition Acrylate is also more durable than regular filament and should be on general release within months.

See Shapeways High Definition Acrylate in action here.

The Super Fast 3D Printing Firm Challenging Traditional Injection Moulding

A really good report on the Bloomberg site this week details California based company Carbon, touted as the first company in the world to offer a 3D printing services to rival traditional injection moulding. Mainly used to produce prototypes and limited run production parts printed at high speed and with using a variety of finishes.

The company has raised over $140 million in venture funding and boasts a client list that includes Johnson & Johnson, Ford, BMW, and Eastman Kodak. While the companies services are still relatively new early reviews have been good.

Read the full article here.