NASA sends new 3D printer to the ISS

3d printer in spaceNASA is upgrading 3D printing facilities on the International Space Station with an upgraded prototype machine capable of printing multiple materials at higher speeds and greater resolution.

Built by California firm MADE IN SPACE, the company have described the development as the closest thing we have to teleportation, allowing both NASA and commercial businesses to benefit by printing items directly, rather than waiting for valuable space on delivery flights.

Full story here.

3D Printers May Pose a Fire Hazard

HACKADAY is warning owners of 3D printers of the potential danger some machines may pose if not properly assembled and maintained.

Quoting the recent story, of an Illinois man who failed to tighten a single nut securing the heater cartilage of his Zortrax printer, which resulted in it ‘shaking loose’ and igniting the unit. Fortunately the mainly metal design prevented the fire taking hold, but his printer was a right-off.

A warning to us all… Full story here.


A digital student in New Jersey has seen his self-printed teeth braces – or orthodontic aligners, as they’re called by many dental labs, who often charge thousands for the customised items – go viral after reportedly printing a custom corrector at home for less than $60.

23 year old Amos Dudley couldn’t afford regular orthodontic work, to correct his ‘wonky smile’ and decided to use state of the art facilities at his college to create his own ‘aligner’.

Conveniently enough young Amos is a blogger and wrote up the full story on his blog – which you can read here.

Thailand Frightened of 3D Printed Guns

The Thai government has introduced harsh new regulations on importers of 3D printers due to ‘concerns about the printing of guns’ apparently. A report posted last week on claims ministers have expressed fears that the technology could be misused by criminals… More here.

What to do with failed 3D printing projects.

For anyone wondering what to do with their failed 3D printing projects this excellent article on Reddit should give you a few ideas 😉

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Introducing the $99 3D printer

oloItalian firm Solido3D have announced the release of their innovative OLO DLP 3D printer via KickStarter launch on 21st March.

The OLO DLP caused a real stir at last year’s World Maker Faire in New York with its breakthrough design, which utilises a user’s smartphone to replace the ‘traditional’ projector screen and fits on top of Android devices.

With a price tag of just $99 the DLP has created a whirlwind of publicity, with developers claiming the machine breaks down the price barrier and will give access to users on a limited budget.

Should be a winner. Watch the KickStarter vid here or read the full story here.

3D printed cartilage could soon be a reality.

Scientists in Sweden are claiming a real breakthrough in medical 3D printing with a recent announcement that they’ve developed a ‘bioink’ capable of creating cartilage suitable for the connective tissue found in joints like noses, ears and knees.

According to their next target is to add human stem cells taken from bone marrow for more advanced applications.

Full story here.