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Dubai Launches World’s First “Functional” 3D Printed Office Building

Dubai launches world’s first “functional” 3D printed office building. 3D Printed Building Of 250 square meter structure, Comprises Of A Single Floor With All amenities was printed in 17 days, and assembled in just two days. Goal behind the project, officials say, is to push the envelope on technological development, innovation and creativity. Machine responsible for printing out the office building is a massive warehouse size printer that stands at about 20-feet tall, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide. 3D printed office is the temporary home of the Dubai Future Foundation, the entity responsible for building yet another futuristic structure. Subscribe here: Twitter: Facebook: Visit Our Website: Share...

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Cara 1st prototype – The new home SLA HD 3D printer

Dropprinters introduces you Cara, the first home high resolution 3D printer. Cara fits all makers, board game fans, students, designers needs. It is the perfect tool for all enthusiasts who want to get custom high quality 3D parts for a few hundred euros. Cara development is in progress and will be available Q2 2017… Find us on facebook : Follow us on Twitter : Our website : Music: Share...

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Top 5 Best 3D Printers For Kid

Links to all the 3D Printers shown in the Video [ Show More ]. 5 epic 3D Printer to introduce your kid to 3d printing Subscribe to our channel: ~*~ Best 3d Printer 2017 ~*~ 1.Original Prusa i3 MK2 2.MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer 3.BCN3D Sigma 4.LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer 5.Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D Printer 6. Gigabot: Dual Extruder 3D Printer ~*~ Best cheap 3d printer 2017 ~*~ 1Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer with Heated Build Plate 2.Monoprice Maker Select V2 3.Flashforge Finder 4.XYZprinting da Vinci Mini 5.UP mini 2 Links: 5.YeeHaw: 4.Printeer: 3.Doodle 3D: 2.101 Hero: 1.Minitoy: Description: 5.YeeHaw: The Best 3D Printer for creative Kids A fully-featured 3D printer that’s safe & simple for kids and adults to unleash their creativity. 4.Printeer: a 3D printer for kids & schools Design and 3D print your own creations using an iPad. A delightful 3D printing experience for children and K-12 education. 3.Doodle 3D: Doodle3D is a very simple sketching tool enabling everyone to make his own drawing come to life with a 3D-printer. This way people can get familiar with the 3D printing technique not just by seeing how the printer works, but by creating something themselves! And all this without needing any knowledge of difficult 3D design programs. It’ll allow you to create that much...

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DIY 3D Printer | Assembling | Print 3D Objects

Diy 3D printer with assembling and printing 3d object with explanation of 3d printers working detail. Buy 3D Printer Kit from 3D Printer Kit Printing Filament-ORANGE FOR INDIA: 3d files 3d software There are many more Interesting videos available in this channel “Indian LifeHacker “. My other YouTube Channel: INDIAN LIFEHACKER : Rubik’s Cube FOLLOW US ON : Facebook : Twitter : Website : OTHER VIDEO OF THIS CHANNEL: How to Make Smart RC CAR with Wireless Camera at Home How to Make a Bubble Machine with Motor at home How to make JCB with Motor at Home easily | Backhoe | DIY Project Share...

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